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Project Spotlight! Landis Homes Retirement Community


Landis HomesDynatech Controls recently completed a system re-commissioning for the PASBO office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. PASBO was faced with a recently installed Honeywell WEBS AX system that was un-responsive and inoperable to any commands or adjustments. Several service companies attempted to repair the system and were unsuccessful. One company even suggested a complete system replacement that exceeded $36,000. PASBO personnel contacted Dynatech, who is a PASBO member, to evaluate the system and determine if it was possible to repair the system that was installed. Dynatech performed a two hour site survey and determined that the system was fully operational, but required re-programming to make the system work properly. Dynatech was able to re-program the entire system and verify all systems were fully operational and no equipment repairs were necessary. This was all accomplished with only three days labor. At Dynatech’s recommendation after the system was reprogrammed PASBO had the system rebalanced to assure the system had proper airflow.

Currently, the system is still fully operational, maintaining the best comfort the customer has ever had. PASBO’s energy bills have remained about the same but their staff is comfortable for the first time in four years. PASBO has not had to have any unscheduled service calls due to problems with the system since it was re-commissioned by Dynatech. Dynatech’ s commitment to open systems, their experience and expertise with multiple manufacturers, played an important role in the success of this project. What was in most company’s eyes a problematic system was actually a very robust, fully automatic system just waiting to be programmed properly.

Why Dynatech?

Dedication. Commitment. Integrity. These are not just words at Dynatech. From the start of your project and through the years, we look out for our Customers. We start with the best solution and stand behind every system we install. By implementing quality systems with long term support, our Company is one that you can trust and depend on.

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