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Distech Controls

Dynatech has partnered with Distech as our premier partner. Their commitment to open technology and open systems puts them at the top.

A global leader in building and energy management solutions, Distech Controls provides a complete solution for commercial, institutional, and government portfolios, integrating HVAC, Lighting, Access Control and CCTV, and Energy Management solutions.

Distech Controls offers leading-edge technology for energy efficiency and comfort, and provides innovative solutions that lower installation and maintenance costs.

DISTECH CONTROLS introduces ECLYPSE™ and Envision Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series ECLYPSE™ Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series, and ENVYSION responsive, web-based design and visualization interface, provide powerful connectivity, and advanced control, monitoring and analysis, for your Internet of Things building.

- Delivers BACnet/IP, wired IP (star or daisy-chain and support of loop-free topology STP) and Wi-Fi (client, access, hotspot) connectivity

- Choose ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers with ENVYSION for a completely autonomous solution for equipment control and small building applications.

- Choose ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers as part of your integrated EC-NetAX building management solution.

Download the ECLYPSE brochure and discover how your Internet of Things building could benefit from powerful connectivity, and advanced control, monitoring and analysis.



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YWire Tech

There was a time, not so long ago, when “Made in America” just wasn’t trendy. Global outsourcing was the thing to do. But the current economic conditions have renewed the nation’s pride in American-made products—a pride that has always existed at KMC.


Manufacturing in America not only helps the American labor force, it secures the economic freedom of our nation. For, while there is obviously great value in a service-oriented economy, a country such as the U.S.A. cannot survive as a service-only nation.


We are proud to both design and manufacture in the U.S.A. We’ve been doing so for 40 years. And, we do so with an eye on quality through an ISO-9001 registered quality system, with a comprehensive 5-year product warranty, and with unparalleled support after the sale.


So, join us in the refrain: "KMC Controls . . . Still Made in the U.S.A."


Why Dynatech?

Dedication. Commitment. Integrity. These are not just words at Dynatech. From the start of your project and through the years, we look out for our Customers. We start with the best solution and stand behind every system we install. By implementing quality systems with long term support, our Company is one that you can trust and depend on.

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