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Open Made Easy?


What do we mean when we say open made easy? Let's start with the term "open". It is one of the most commonly used terms in today's complex Building Automation System world, but it is also comes with many interpretations and meanings. Our definition of "open" is not just with regard to current open protocols, it is providing a system that is open in all aspects to the Customer, allowing them to have total control of their Building Automation System. It is providing a dynamic Building Automation System that meets our Customer's needs now and in the future, without proprietary constraints. Now for the "easy" part ... Dynatech Controls specializes in providing intelligent integrated open solutions for our customer's building along with unmatched customer service. Let us make open easy for you.



Energy Efficiency for Your Building!


Building system engineering supported by intelligent and networked room and building controllers (lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as the other building engineering systems) contribute significantly to conservative and requirement-based energy use. Dynatech Controls can save you money with our "open" systems and controls that can be integrated into your existing system.


We use various concepts and approaches in the optimization of your building. The use of intelligent building control provides a proven addition that is clearly set apart by its convincing cost-benefit ratio.

  • Only use energy when it is really required
  • Only use the amount of energy actually required
  • Apply the energy that is used with the highest possible efficiency

For new building construction it is critical to plan and implement an efficient buliding control. Dynatech Controls will work with your contractor during all phases of constuction to ensure your facility will be energy efficient and cost effective for years to come.

Why Dynatech?

Dedication. Commitment. Integrity. These are not just words at Dynatech. From the start of your project and through the years, we look out for our Customers. We start with the best solution and stand behind every system we install. By implementing quality systems with long term support, our Company is one that you can trust and depend on.

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